Back to Black: revisiting dark matter and poetry.

Last year, in the early summer after I had completed my dissertation for Uni, I had one last creative writing portfolio to complete. This portfolio ended up taking the form of a collection called 'Documents on The Mysteries of Dark Matter', comprising of experimental poetry that focused on the idea of dark matter, dark energy… Continue reading Back to Black: revisiting dark matter and poetry.


Martian child.

Early Chaos. It starts with an older brother: earth soil, sandstone and chalk. What they, we, know. Then a person unknown, travelling on comet dust - Wild 3. Another: martian soil, kicked up by the tracks of a mars rover, but sharing the same blood. Shattering like Gale, a person out of stars from deep… Continue reading Martian child.

Science as inspiration.

A few words about what inspired me to write the poem about dark matter, and why I am so interested in it. ‘The Dark’ is about the scientific enigma, dark matter. Phillip Pullmans trilogy His Dark Materials are a brilliant example of how creativity and science can go hand in hand. Holding the image of… Continue reading Science as inspiration.

Musing over dark matter.

The Dark. It is but isn’t there. Like the shadow someone leaves after they die. Shadows, shadows that dance in the blank pages of the universe. I see the sky at night. Looking out from my desk or from my bedroom window, I see its splendour. It doesn’t have any gaps or chapters missing. Yet,… Continue reading Musing over dark matter.

A poem inspired by particle physics.

A touch can move a pencil from a desk and a hand from a rest. A touch can burn, cool and chill. A touch can move the hundreds of hairs, on your head, and a touch can knock 20 dominoes down, dead. You move your hand and the world shifts. Touch can build Cathedrals, cities,… Continue reading A poem inspired by particle physics.