The OA: A New Kind of Spirituality.

As you are probably aware of by now, I seriously enjoyed the Netflix original 'The OA'. I honestly think everyone would benefit from watching it. Why is it so important you ask? Because it makes you think. I have always had a spiritual side to me, a side that believes that there is always a… Continue reading The OA: A New Kind of Spirituality.


Another mini review – Luther.

Luther There is a true abundance nowadays of good detective/crime tv shows, so much so (in the UK especially) that its hard to keep up with them, and then with the appearance of the much beloved gritty Scandinavian almost crime noire that followed after Stieg Larsson’s widely popular series of books - introducing us all to… Continue reading Another mini review – Luther.

A mini review on one of my favourite tv shows – Les Revenants

Les Revenants (The Returned) A truly beautiful and eerie story from France of how we as humans deal with death, what death is, what it means to be human and if in dying and coming back you can be transformed into something that is less than human. Airing in the UK on Channel 4 it was… Continue reading A mini review on one of my favourite tv shows – Les Revenants