Getting A Kitten: The Story of Floki.

Just over a month ago, myself and my partner brought home our first child!!! As you may have guessed this child is a kitten. Unfortunatley the process of us actually getting our kitten was stressful to say the least so in an effort to not dwell on the negative I thought I’d get it out… Continue reading Getting A Kitten: The Story of Floki.


Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

The last time you will have seen me on your feed, the leaves were still orange and we had just celebrated Halloween. Well it's January now so suffice to say it's been a while...! Although I have a tendancy to kinda lose track of my motivation, priorities and the ability to be strict with myself… Continue reading Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

An Apology/Explanation. 

As you may (or may not, who am I kidding) have noticed, I've been off-grid on here and my writing Instagram for quite some time. I'm not going to drag out the ins and outs of why, but basically only just last week a very very stressful period of my life, or the past 2… Continue reading An Apology/Explanation. 

Announcement! Interested In Ghost Stories?

Just as a little preface to this weeks Writing on Wednesdays... The little piece of prose is about a weird experience I had when I was a young teenager that has always stayed with me as entirely unexplainable and weird.  In the same vain as of this Saturday I am going to be starting a… Continue reading Announcement! Interested In Ghost Stories?

Upcoming Posts: The Next Three Weeks. *EDIT*

Firstly, tonight I will be posting the Rupi Kaur 'Milk and Honey' review. 17th of June: Escaping to the Countryside - a post on another trip myself and Jordan took into the North Yorkshire countryside. 24th of June: Meeting Alan Lee - last week myself and Jordan went back to Hull, UK, where my mum… Continue reading Upcoming Posts: The Next Three Weeks. *EDIT*

Change of scheduled weekly post this weekend.

You might have noticed that I didn't post Writing on Wednesdays this week, and that is because I have been busy spending my time off this week doing cool things! So, this Saturday I will be posting/blogging about my trip to Durham with my friend Annie, pushing back the post on Rupi Kaur's 'Milk and… Continue reading Change of scheduled weekly post this weekend.

Blog Update: New posts and what is coming up over the next 3 weeks.

Hello one and all. Apologies for the break last week, it was a bit of a exhausting week in more than one way and I just wasn't in the right state of mind to be posting. But, onwards and upwards! As of this week I will be posting either a poem or a piece of… Continue reading Blog Update: New posts and what is coming up over the next 3 weeks.