The Healing Properties of Poetry.

Like any good remedy, the writing of poetry can be one of the most natural processes in which you can release, express and work through hard times and emotions that would otherwise go unsaid. From the ages of 16 to 19 I, like many others the same age, was living with pretty severe depression, anxiety… Continue reading The Healing Properties of Poetry.


The Process of Drafting Poetry.

*Apologies for the post being a day late* I always find the romantic image of a poet, sat by a tree, freely writing, taking inspiration from the muse, idyllic but...unrealistic. I very very rarely post a poem I have written on this blog or on my Instagram that I haven't mercilessly picked apart, edited, crossing words out,… Continue reading The Process of Drafting Poetry.

Poetry on the go and the art of creative spontaneity.

Recently I came into possession of two perfectly portable sized (Moomin themed, read my post about the moomin exhibition I went to here) notebooks. I have always found that one of the best ways I can keep my creative energy flowing is to, as frequently as possible, write poetry. Like many others, writing poetry was how… Continue reading Poetry on the go and the art of creative spontaneity.