P.S.A It seems I completely failed to actually post my Writing On Wednesdays this week and it is still in my drafts. It shall be posted imminently.

Preface To My Latest Writing On Wednesdays.

Just a little bit of info and context! My full name is Bryony Porteous-Sebouhian. Sebouhian is an Armenian name. This name and this part of my heritage comes from my grandad's side of the family. Armenia is a tiny country that, I imagine not many people will know much about, except that the Kardashians and… Continue reading Preface To My Latest Writing On Wednesdays.

Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

The last time you will have seen me on your feed, the leaves were still orange and we had just celebrated Halloween. Well it's January now so suffice to say it's been a while...! Although I have a tendancy to kinda lose track of my motivation, priorities and the ability to be strict with myself… Continue reading Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

(A Late) Writing On Wednesdays #9: An Attempted Novelist.

This week I thought I'd talk a little bit about that other thing I kind of do but am a little terrible at keeping up: writing a novel. Just recently Patrick Ness - one of my favourite writers - tweeted (you should 100% follow him) saying that he never writes more that 1500 words a… Continue reading (A Late) Writing On Wednesdays #9: An Attempted Novelist.

Announcement! Interested In Ghost Stories?

Just as a little preface to this weeks Writing on Wednesdays... The little piece of prose is about a weird experience I had when I was a young teenager that has always stayed with me as entirely unexplainable and weird.  In the same vain as of this Saturday I am going to be starting a… Continue reading Announcement! Interested In Ghost Stories?