‘Dark’ And The Unending Search For Our Place In Time.

Wann ist Mikkel? ‘Who the hell is Mikkel’, you might ask, ‘what kind of question is that’ you might say, ‘why the fuck are you speaking German’ would also be a reasonable response: these all being especially understandable questions if you haven’t seen Netflix’s most recent delve into the strange and unknown, Dark. Certainly, it… Continue reading ‘Dark’ And The Unending Search For Our Place In Time.


Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

The last time you will have seen me on your feed, the leaves were still orange and we had just celebrated Halloween. Well it's January now so suffice to say it's been a while...! Although I have a tendancy to kinda lose track of my motivation, priorities and the ability to be strict with myself… Continue reading Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

Speaking Above The Torch #3 

HANNAH. For my third installment of this blogseries I have turned to my dear friend and hardened skeptic: Hannah. She's the first to call bullshit on anything supernatural/ghostly; which makes it even funnier than her greatest fear comes in the form of a pale Japanese girl with long black hair covering her face, a fear… Continue reading Speaking Above The Torch #3 

Autumn things: Part 2. 

Fall in love with nature. This is more of a visual post this week, but I'm going to talk a little bit about the importance of nature in our lives and being in tune with the season. Don't let this Autumn sail by you... Make an effort to notice it with these simple tips and… Continue reading Autumn things: Part 2. 

Autumn Things: Part 1.

Home, crafts and creativity. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, where the change in weather, the leaves, the shorter days and longer nights catalyse a transformative psychological process in us, we reflect, look forward to the end of the year and to the start of a new one. This time of year has been… Continue reading Autumn Things: Part 1.

The Search For Dust Begins: The Midnight Launch of La Belle Sauvage.

So you might have heard recently from the rare, mysterious and almost secret organisation type underground of Philip Pullman fans, that he has published and released a NEW BOOK; The Book of Dust Vol. 1 'La Belle Sauvage'. With the release of this new book came a series of midnight launch events hosted by Waterstones.… Continue reading The Search For Dust Begins: The Midnight Launch of La Belle Sauvage.

Home Is Where The Art Is: A Three Day Break In My Hometown, Hull.

Last week I made the quick train trip home for 3 days in between work. My mum got three days off too so we made plans to do and see as much as possible! On Tuesday we ate breakfast at home and made plans to head over to Beverly, a nearby East Riding of Yorkshire… Continue reading Home Is Where The Art Is: A Three Day Break In My Hometown, Hull.

Send me your spooks: Speaking Above The Torch. 

Its October... that means spooky times. A few months ago I started a blog series/project called 'Speaking Above The Torch'. Now, I'm sending out this to ask for a favour: have a spooky/weird/uncanny/generally odd story? It can either be something that happened to you directly or it can be your aunts ghost story she tells… Continue reading Send me your spooks: Speaking Above The Torch. 

Writing on Wednesdays #12 

Fall Away. ​The world is floating by once again, in hues of warming orange and yellow. I watch the trees turb, conkers fall, like polished jeweks, hidden treasure in amongs the leaf laden ground. It's quiet now, for that small snapshot in our year. Before the bustle of Christmas. Walk by the river. Be near… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #12 

Writing on Wednesdays #11

Bote: German for Messenger. I woke early one morning, sprung out of sleep by something unknown. My bedroom was freezing cold, like a window had been left open all day and into the night, the cold winter air filling the room like smoke. But, the window was closed and had been all day. I blinked… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #11