Reaching for someone lost is like the sensation in your dreams when all of a sudden you become aware that you don’t recognise where you are. Like the nature of your reality is suddenly entirely alien. You hold your hand out, call out, look out over the garden, expecting a space to be filled, an… Continue reading Phantom.


A Break In Another City Beginning With ‘B’: Berlin.

After visiting Edinburgh last year and Budapest the year before that - both for Jordan’s (my partner) birthday- in November we both decided we fancied a break when it wasn’t quite so cold. For April we flitted over Amsterdam, Oslo and even Rome but decided on Berlin, a city just as rich in culture as… Continue reading A Break In Another City Beginning With ‘B’: Berlin.

Unlearning and Relearning: Ok This Is Pure Opinion Piece.

As of October 2017 over 1.7 million tweets have been found to mention #metoo. Over the past two years, more specifically, last year; there have been so many scandals, disappointments and cases of sexual harassment, abuse and misuse of authority from men in positions of power, each one shaking our society's perception of gender inequality,… Continue reading Unlearning and Relearning: Ok This Is Pure Opinion Piece.

Writing On Wednesdays #14: ‘Something To Give’

This is for someone as warm as the sun. For years now I’ve been desperately trying to curate myself into a garden. So far I’ve only managed a few weeds, one or two spring blooms that lived short, bright lives, before they died. I tend to the patches of earth, unreliably and clumsily. And sometimes… Continue reading Writing On Wednesdays #14: ‘Something To Give’

Searching for Dust and Finding Even More. *SPOILER WARNING*

To preface this, I normally try to avoid major spoilers whenever I write about/review anything on here, however this is an exception to the rule due to the fact that I had been waiting for this book for YEARS. So, yes spoilers are ahead, if you haven’t read Philip Pullman’s latest book The Book of… Continue reading Searching for Dust and Finding Even More. *SPOILER WARNING*