Escaping Into The Countryside: Another Trip to Goathland, North Yorkshire.

Myself and my boyfriend, Jordan both believe it is extremely important to our lives and wellbeing to get back to nature and immerse yourself in the wilderness. Most young working people and post grads live in cities and highly built up, populated areas, it can feel like it's impossible to find the time to really… Continue reading Escaping Into The Countryside: Another Trip to Goathland, North Yorkshire.


Holes in the countryside.

The hum, I hear from a distant quiet, a solitary stir. The depths are cracking, tremendous breaks, in my ears. A gentle brush, from the barley and wheat, rippling. A hollow explosion, a collapsing of things, engulfing. It tickles at your fingers, an excited, soft touch. The chasms are opening, dragging out like the pre-tsunami.… Continue reading Holes in the countryside.

Open space musings.

On days in between, in between cars and buses, computers and televisions where news reporters report death - and war. Take your feet off the grey hard ground and onto a softer one. Where there are mossy patches that cushion your toes. Where there are hidden meadows ready like a throne, awaiting for your touch.… Continue reading Open space musings.