From Celtic Immortal to a New Kind of Vampire.

From a young age my mother filled my childhood with magic, ideas of paganism, mysticism, faeries, old kingdoms, wizards and spirits. How did she do this? Books. Whether it was Tolkien's The Hobbit, his Lord of The Rings trilogy or books on giants, her love for books and art has inspired my endless fascination with… Continue reading From Celtic Immortal to a New Kind of Vampire.


Where this blog is going…

After some thought and having spoken to a few people about how to make this blog successful, I am now going to be posting regularly, every week on Fridays! Hopefully I will be able to bring posting up to twice a week, but at the moment, my free time is a little thinly spread. So,… Continue reading Where this blog is going…

Weekly Poetry

So last week I missed my weekly poetry goal (*cries and begs for mercy* lol), so apologies for that. This week for my poetry class at Uni we had to write a poem based on the ideas or form used in one of Claire Trevien's poems for her collection 'Shipwrecked House'. I chose her poem… Continue reading Weekly Poetry


A whisper came from the house last night, from the gaps in the walls and the spaces in the ceiling. A sudden deafening hush. A book once told me everyone who lived in your house left shadows, and those shadows crawl under doors to bedrooms, and settle under beds. Lost widows and sick children from… Continue reading Residents.

Hello poetry my old friend.

I've started writing more poetry recently, I felt as though I hadn't for too long. Along with the first draft of the 3rd part to my 'Fall of Uriel' poem I have written a slightly creepy, Gothic poem that I am going to post on here shortly. Hopefully it'll be a nice change from just… Continue reading Hello poetry my old friend.