Staples of my wardrobe: get to know my style.

I'm fairly casual with my style (what style I do have) but after years of playing with different ways of dressing, from EXTRA teen with too much topshop to ultimate lazy student I have finally found my stride. Here are 4 staples I build my outfits around. A good coat/jacket. Being fairly lazy with my… Continue reading Staples of my wardrobe: get to know my style.

Getting A Kitten: The Story of Floki.

Just over a month ago, myself and my partner brought home our first child!!! As you may have guessed this child is a kitten. Unfortunatley the process of us actually getting our kitten was stressful to say the least so in an effort to not dwell on the negative I thought I’d get it out… Continue reading Getting A Kitten: The Story of Floki.

Ostara: renew, rejuvenate and rebirth.

What do we want? SPRING!!! When do we want it? NOW!!! Anyone else sick of dark mornings, unwelcome spring snow and bitterly cold winds? Mhmm! I thought so! When I looked at the weather forecast for York, England last weekend I almost cried, Saturday, Sunday and into Monday: snow. Take the hint, no one wants… Continue reading Ostara: renew, rejuvenate and rebirth.

Autumn things: Part 2. 

Fall in love with nature. This is more of a visual post this week, but I'm going to talk a little bit about the importance of nature in our lives and being in tune with the season. Don't let this Autumn sail by you... Make an effort to notice it with these simple tips and… Continue reading Autumn things: Part 2. 

The Search For Dust Begins: The Midnight Launch of La Belle Sauvage.

So you might have heard recently from the rare, mysterious and almost secret organisation type underground of Philip Pullman fans, that he has published and released a NEW BOOK; The Book of Dust Vol. 1 'La Belle Sauvage'. With the release of this new book came a series of midnight launch events hosted by Waterstones.… Continue reading The Search For Dust Begins: The Midnight Launch of La Belle Sauvage.