It’s been a while…

Hey everyone, I apologise for not posting in a great long while... I have moved house and we STILL don't have any internet connection. And I can tell you, as someone who lives a good 60% of their lives on the internet for various reasons, I aren't coping very well. It's been hard. (lol) Anyway… Continue reading It’s been a while…


The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

Writing journals are extremely important. They can provide an archive of stream like thoughts that you can look back on in a way that typing on a computer cannot provide. On a computer everything is modified, moderated and if you make a spelling mistake you are compelled to go back and correct it, for this… Continue reading The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

Title (optional)

I CAN'T THINK OF A TITLE FOR MY NOVELLA. So, as many of you will probably have already gathered, I am an aspiring writer. I've written poetry since I have been very young and more recently began writing prose, the biggest of which is an underway novella. Now, I am sure I aren't the only… Continue reading Title (optional)

Good morning/afternoon all

Well, yesterday was quite productive, I have managed to add 3 new parts to my novella, but they're more like fillers making the story a little more realistic and giving a little bit more of a context to Graham and Alice's setting, towards the beginning of the novella. I had decided to do this after… Continue reading Good morning/afternoon all

A sneak peak into my writing journal.

My journal is a huge part of how I remember ideas, when I come up with possible names for characters, ideas for side characters, titles or just general thoughts about my characters or what I want to happen. I write pretty much everything from research I have done into personality disorders to what colour hair… Continue reading A sneak peak into my writing journal.