Writing on Wednesdays #6

Sometimes,  I wonder if the universe is watching, cradling my fate like a nurturing mother, looking on with plans beyond my comprehension, holding all the good things that are yet to come, close to her heart, like a winning hand, ready to make up for all the pain. But when I stare up at those… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #6


What’s coming up on here: some blog posts I will be posting shortly.

So we are almost into the second month of 2017 and I have formulated a plan of action for the next month and my blog! 1. Post I will be posting very soon: 'Dimensions, The OA and being a weird kid', This is going to be a bit of a different kind of post to… Continue reading What’s coming up on here: some blog posts I will be posting shortly.

Heading for the stars (and beyond): creating a poetry collection.

The first time I came into contact with the idea of Dark Matter was when I was 17 and in the midst of reading Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. In the second volume of this trilogy, Pullman introduces the idea of dark matter being linked to parallel universes. To someone who has always had an… Continue reading Heading for the stars (and beyond): creating a poetry collection.

(As of yet untitled)

Don’t let the world fool you, the sky beckons. I see beyond the whites in your eyes and the cloudless skies. The land is still and the people are quiet. Now is when the storm can strike, in this still emptiness, break open the earth, spill it’s blood. Mark the jaded crowds and scribe upon… Continue reading (As of yet untitled)

Poetry, and why it is still important.

Poetry is an art that has been part of humanity for thousands of years. It used to be how we told epic stories, or folklore. Whether it was in ancient Greece where poetry was paired with music, or at a poetry slam in 2015 where words are spat out like rap, poetry is still, was… Continue reading Poetry, and why it is still important.

Anima Poetry Magazine.

A few weeks ago for part of my creative writing course at Uni I sent off three poems to Anima Poetry Magazine including a cover letter (which I had never done before). I heard back off them today, and they're publishing two of the three I submitted for certain and still considering the third! Suffice… Continue reading Anima Poetry Magazine.

Restricted thoughts.

There was a pond that was a lake, and a sky that stretched off into white. A hushed afternoon. The land shifts us, bearing lofty airs that sweep up Northwards. This place is ours and we will break it, smash through its pristine turfs, knock over the words that build barriers. And I will sit… Continue reading Restricted thoughts.

Performance poetry, and how brave their writers are.

This week in my creative writing workshop we did about performance poetry. I found it absolutely inspiring, I can't imagine having the guts to go up onto a stage and spill your secrets, in the form of metaphors, stories and similes, out to a crowd; it must take a very special kind of courage to… Continue reading Performance poetry, and how brave their writers are.

Words on ‘Holes in the countryside’.

Well, to start off, thanks to wordpress and its text formats being extremely strict, the poem is not publishing how I want it to look and how it looks on Word so... This is how it actually looks. My idea for this poem came about from looking at news headlines, thinking about writing about something… Continue reading Words on ‘Holes in the countryside’.