Writing On Wednesdays #14: ‘Something To Give’

This is for someone as warm as the sun. For years now I’ve been desperately trying to curate myself into a garden. So far I’ve only managed a few weeds, one or two spring blooms that lived short, bright lives, before they died. I tend to the patches of earth, unreliably and clumsily. And sometimes… Continue reading Writing On Wednesdays #14: ‘Something To Give’


Writing on Wednesdays #12 

Fall Away. ​The world is floating by once again, in hues of warming orange and yellow. I watch the trees turb, conkers fall, like polished jeweks, hidden treasure in amongs the leaf laden ground. It's quiet now, for that small snapshot in our year. Before the bustle of Christmas. Walk by the river. Be near… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #12 

What it is to be apart.

In the dreaming hours, I am far away, drifting through unconscious plains or staring out to the sky of another city another town, another place, without you. The space between us is strained, like an elastic band about to snap. It's filled with the things we whispered to each other on nights where we only… Continue reading What it is to be apart.

Fighting writers block. 

So a lot has happened since I last updated this blog. Here's the short version: I completed my third and final year of university in York. This included my finishing of my precious baby, my dissertation...Which I got a 1st for!!! *distant cheers heard in the background likening to a live audience comedy show* I… Continue reading Fighting writers block. 

Millenials don’t care.

You say we're lost in phone screens that will one day melt our brains. You say we don't talk like you used to talk, around dinner tables, over your Sunday roast, family dinners. But you were speaking empty words. I say we are the ones you're scared of. We are everyone, we hear about what… Continue reading Millenials don’t care.

(As of yet untitled)

Don’t let the world fool you, the sky beckons. I see beyond the whites in your eyes and the cloudless skies. The land is still and the people are quiet. Now is when the storm can strike, in this still emptiness, break open the earth, spill it’s blood. Mark the jaded crowds and scribe upon… Continue reading (As of yet untitled)

My first time…(being published in a poetry magazine that is)

During this year of study at York St John University in the UK I took a module on the Creative Writing side of the course that gave me the opportunity to practice writing cover letters to literary magazines. For this module we had to find a literary magazine (whether it was for prose, poetry or… Continue reading My first time…(being published in a poetry magazine that is)


Kaleidoscope my mind. I am one and I am many. The beats and swaying motions creep up my back, like the moonlight in my dreams, a finite moment of rushing melodies. Bumps speaking braille, mapping my body like a track. Catalyse my catharsis. I am no one and I am myself. Carry my spirit up,… Continue reading Frisson.

Restricted thoughts.

There was a pond that was a lake, and a sky that stretched off into white. A hushed afternoon. The land shifts us, bearing lofty airs that sweep up Northwards. This place is ours and we will break it, smash through its pristine turfs, knock over the words that build barriers. And I will sit… Continue reading Restricted thoughts.