Writing on Wednesdays #12 

Fall Away. ​The world is floating by once again, in hues of warming orange and yellow. I watch the trees turb, conkers fall, like polished jeweks, hidden treasure in amongs the leaf laden ground. It's quiet now, for that small snapshot in our year. Before the bustle of Christmas. Walk by the river. Be near… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #12 

The Process of Drafting Poetry.

*Apologies for the post being a day late* I always find the romantic image of a poet, sat by a tree, freely writing, taking inspiration from the muse, idyllic but...unrealistic. I very very rarely post a poem I have written on this blog or on my Instagram that I haven't mercilessly picked apart, edited, crossing words out,… Continue reading The Process of Drafting Poetry.


There haven't been many years in my life where I have felt some kind of 'looking forward' sensation about the new year. This time around, however, was different. Since finishing University in May last year and then finally graduating in November, I have let a lot of things slip. In life, the things that are… Continue reading So…2017.

The Dweller of The Hills and Woodland.

Up on the downs, in amongst the looming grass, your almond eyes watching. The angry, bloodthirsty world at your tail. See through the fog, see through the trees and run. Run. Run. Run. Though your enemies may be in their thousands, little prince of the woodland and the warren; your bones are fearless and everlasting.… Continue reading The Dweller of The Hills and Woodland.