Writing on Wednesdays #4 

You are a small village, located in the south of England. Secluded, safe, you can't see into the shadows. We are in the shadows, behind the tree line, we are the wolves, red on our lips, we are hungry and it's your blood we're after.


On The UK General Election a Week Today. 

Choices are a part of our lives every day.We cross the road, we decide to follow one path instead of another. Consequently our world forms and is built around that choice. Our reality moulds around it. Choices have the ability to create worlds. Right now there are people who have had their choices taken away… Continue reading On The UK General Election a Week Today. 

Just so you can all get to know me a little better, I will be posting a few of my favourite poems I have written over the last 2 years. Hope you enjoy them 🙂 Sonnet The headlines rang out in black and white, full of children running wild last night. They were monsters setting… Continue reading