A blurby thing.

In the spirit of getting you all interested in the book I am writing I thought I would share a blurb-type thing that I wrote when a published author came into one of our seminars at university and asked us to write a blurb for something we were writing currently, as part of an exercise… Continue reading A blurby thing.

Good morning/afternoon all

Well, yesterday was quite productive, I have managed to add 3 new parts to my novella, but they're more like fillers making the story a little more realistic and giving a little bit more of a context to Graham and Alice's setting, towards the beginning of the novella. I had decided to do this after… Continue reading Good morning/afternoon all

A post about sisters.

When deciding to write the novella that I am currently working on the place I started was thinking about sisters. I have a brother who is 4 years older than me so the idea of having a sibling the same sex as me and especially if she was the same age or similar, well it’s… Continue reading A post about sisters.

A first hello and a little bit about what I do.

So I am completely new to this whole WordPress thing, I have had a tumblr blog for quite some time and almost two years ago decided to create a writing blog on tumblr along side my personal one. However, in an effort to connect with more writers and readers of writing blogs, I decided to… Continue reading A first hello and a little bit about what I do.