Listening to ‘DNA’ By Kendrick Lamar For The First Time.

There are some pieces of music, songs or moments within them that - if like you're like me and music is a huge part of your life - stick with you forever due to the impact it had on you in that moment. Kendrick Lamar's opener (after the intro) on his Pulitzer Prize winning album,… Continue reading Listening to ‘DNA’ By Kendrick Lamar For The First Time.

‘Dark’ And The Unending Search For Our Place In Time.

Wann ist Mikkel? ‘Who the hell is Mikkel’, you might ask, ‘what kind of question is that’ you might say, ‘why the fuck are you speaking German’ would also be a reasonable response: these all being especially understandable questions if you haven’t seen Netflix’s most recent delve into the strange and unknown, Dark. Certainly, it… Continue reading ‘Dark’ And The Unending Search For Our Place In Time.

Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’: The Poetry of Bravery.

Just over a month ago I read, all in one sitting, Rupi Kaur's 'Milk and Honey' collection of poetry. Nowadays, in the mass production culture of crime thriller's and holiday reads, poetry collections rarely get a look in. However for over a year I had been seeing the same images, compact beautiful poetry, simple line… Continue reading Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’: The Poetry of Bravery.

Book Review – Patrick Ness’ More Than This.

I read this book as part of a module for the English Literature side of my course at university, called ‘Cultures of Childhood’, it was the last text on the module that we studied - it certainly left a lasting impression. I hadn’t even heard of Patrick Ness before being introduced to him by my… Continue reading Book Review – Patrick Ness’ More Than This.

Another mini review – Luther.

Luther There is a true abundance nowadays of good detective/crime tv shows, so much so (in the UK especially) that its hard to keep up with them, and then with the appearance of the much beloved gritty Scandinavian almost crime noire that followed after Stieg Larsson’s widely popular series of books - introducing us all… Continue reading Another mini review – Luther.