‘Dark’ And The Unending Search For Our Place In Time.

Wann ist Mikkel? ‘Who the hell is Mikkel’, you might ask, ‘what kind of question is that’ you might say, ‘why the fuck are you speaking German’ would also be a reasonable response: these all being especially understandable questions if you haven’t seen Netflix’s most recent delve into the strange and unknown, Dark. Certainly, it… Continue reading ‘Dark’ And The Unending Search For Our Place In Time.


Writing on Wednesdays #10: When I visited My First Birthday. 

E.HOURS 6:30 am Today I am exactly 29 and a half years old. Out the window of the Odyssey I can see the gas giant, its rings circling it like the inside of a tree trunk. The Odyssey floats like a cloud, breathing out cold gusts every so often, her windows are eyes, looking onto… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #10: When I visited My First Birthday. 

Writing on Wednesdays #5

INTERRUPTING USUAL BROADCASTING.  PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT.  At approx 4:30 pm GMT strange atmospheric phenomena began to manifest in the skies above cities and towns all across the UK. It is now 5:30 pm and the purple, ultraviolet lights in the sky do not seem to be letting up. Mina Amari is in London where she… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #5

The Process of Drafting Poetry.

*Apologies for the post being a day late* I always find the romantic image of a poet, sat by a tree, freely writing, taking inspiration from the muse, idyllic but...unrealistic. I very very rarely post a poem I have written on this blog or on my Instagram that I haven't mercilessly picked apart, edited, crossing words out,… Continue reading The Process of Drafting Poetry.

Back to Black: revisiting dark matter and poetry.

Last year, in the early summer after I had completed my dissertation for Uni, I had one last creative writing portfolio to complete. This portfolio ended up taking the form of a collection called 'Documents on The Mysteries of Dark Matter', comprising of experimental poetry that focused on the idea of dark matter, dark energy… Continue reading Back to Black: revisiting dark matter and poetry.

The OA: A New Kind of Spirituality.

As you are probably aware of by now, I seriously enjoyed the Netflix original 'The OA'. I honestly think everyone would benefit from watching it. Why is it so important you ask? Because it makes you think. I have always had a spiritual side to me, a side that believes that there is always a… Continue reading The OA: A New Kind of Spirituality.

What’s coming up on here: some blog posts I will be posting shortly.

So we are almost into the second month of 2017 and I have formulated a plan of action for the next month and my blog! 1. Post I will be posting very soon: 'Dimensions, The OA and being a weird kid', This is going to be a bit of a different kind of post to… Continue reading What’s coming up on here: some blog posts I will be posting shortly.

Heading for the stars (and beyond): creating a poetry collection.

The first time I came into contact with the idea of Dark Matter was when I was 17 and in the midst of reading Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. In the second volume of this trilogy, Pullman introduces the idea of dark matter being linked to parallel universes. To someone who has always had an… Continue reading Heading for the stars (and beyond): creating a poetry collection.

Musing over dark matter.

The Dark. It is but isn’t there. Like the shadow someone leaves after they die. Shadows, shadows that dance in the blank pages of the universe. I see the sky at night. Looking out from my desk or from my bedroom window, I see its splendour. It doesn’t have any gaps or chapters missing. Yet,… Continue reading Musing over dark matter.