"He isn't worthy of your efforts." I say to him over my hand as we're sat on the bench we always sit on, ready to choose, ready to pick one. "Maybe not, but I want him." Aidan spits, the words spraying out from behind his teeth like acid. "You should go for someone more, eligible.… Continue reading Pushing.

Ana (A 55 Word Story)

"Goodbye." He said. "Do I have to go?" Asked the girl. "Afraid so." "Mum says it's time I grew up." "Since when did you listen to her?" The trees in his garden shuddered, summer was ending. "Goodbye." He said, and walked away. "Guess I'll see you in your dreams." She uttered, waving as he left.

Good morning/afternoon all

Well, yesterday was quite productive, I have managed to add 3 new parts to my novella, but they're more like fillers making the story a little more realistic and giving a little bit more of a context to Graham and Alice's setting, towards the beginning of the novella. I had decided to do this after… Continue reading Good morning/afternoon all