Writing on Wednesdays #10: When I visited My First Birthday. 

E.HOURS 6:30 am Today I am exactly 29 and a half years old. Out the window of the Odyssey I can see the gas giant, its rings circling it like the inside of a tree trunk. The Odyssey floats like a cloud, breathing out cold gusts every so often, her windows are eyes, looking onto… Continue reading Writing on Wednesdays #10: When I visited My First Birthday. 


Writing on Wednesdays #4 

You are a small village, located in the south of England. Secluded, safe, you can't see into the shadows. We are in the shadows, behind the tree line, we are the wolves, red on our lips, we are hungry and it's your blood we're after.

‘Look at this tangle of thorns’: Narrative Voice and Deception.

The voice of a story be it first person, an omniscient third person narrator, a third person focalised narrator (where the narrator is separate but not necessarily as distant as your standard omniscient voice) is often overlooked, going unnoticed; like a transparent filter we read through but are unaware of. I remember the first time… Continue reading ‘Look at this tangle of thorns’: Narrative Voice and Deception.

I disappeared.

Life and work so often gets in the way, of more important things; like blogs. Obviously I'm being sarcastic, however, I do wish I could have had more time recently to update this blog. So, a basic breakdown of what has been going on since I last did an update. This could take a while.… Continue reading I disappeared.

New Years and all that stuff.

Happy New Years to all my followers 🙂 I don't really do resolutions, but It's been something I've been talking about all year so it doesn't really count...And that is just to write more...write more in my journal, write more letters, write more spontaneous poetry, think of more short stories, finish my book by the… Continue reading New Years and all that stuff.

Making a Facebook page: WHAT ARE YOU?

Yeah, so I have made a facebook page > https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bryony-PS-aspiring-writer/698956106856047, mainly because my brother talked to me about online marketing and how most writers nowadays start off online and that I should try and get my work out there more... So I clicked on the 'make a page' thing and started filling in the details, and there's this box you… Continue reading Making a Facebook page: WHAT ARE YOU?

A few words on the immortality of the written word

Something that has always attracted me to being a writer is the idea of a part of me, and a part of me that I am actually proud of, being remembered, living on. This is a recurring idea with many writers. Where Shakespeare boasts of his faith in his writing becoming eternal, you have Keats'… Continue reading A few words on the immortality of the written word

The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

Writing journals are extremely important. They can provide an archive of stream like thoughts that you can look back on in a way that typing on a computer cannot provide. On a computer everything is modified, moderated and if you make a spelling mistake you are compelled to go back and correct it, for this… Continue reading The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

Title (optional)

I CAN'T THINK OF A TITLE FOR MY NOVELLA. So, as many of you will probably have already gathered, I am an aspiring writer. I've written poetry since I have been very young and more recently began writing prose, the biggest of which is an underway novella. Now, I am sure I aren't the only… Continue reading Title (optional)

Inspiration Challenge: Phillip Pullman and ‘His Dark Materials’

(a box of things I took with me to uni including 'His Dark Materials' and the very close runner up in my favourite books list, The Book Thief) I don't really know where to start with these books. So why not start, at the beginning. Over a period of around 2 years from towards the… Continue reading Inspiration Challenge: Phillip Pullman and ‘His Dark Materials’