Words On Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’: 40th Anniversary.

The first time I heard a Joy Division track was when I was 13 and myself and my cousin stayed up till the early hours of the morning watching Donnie Darko. In that not quite morning not quite night-time we addled our brains to try and understand what we had just seen. ‘Love Will Tear… Continue reading Words On Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’: 40th Anniversary.


A New Blog Series.

In this new blog series I will be exploring moments with TV, music, film and literature that have made a really prominent impression on me. First up this week, I take a deep dive into the first time I heard one of my favourite tracks, from one of my favourite albums of all time: DNA… Continue reading A New Blog Series.

Staples of my wardrobe: get to know my style.

I'm fairly casual with my style (what style I do have) but after years of playing with different ways of dressing, from EXTRA teen with too much topshop to ultimate lazy student I have finally found my stride. Here are 4 staples I build my outfits around. A good coat/jacket. Being fairly lazy with my… Continue reading Staples of my wardrobe: get to know my style.


Reaching for someone lost is like the sensation in your dreams when all of a sudden you become aware that you don’t recognise where you are. Like the nature of your reality is suddenly entirely alien. You hold your hand out, call out, look out over the garden, expecting a space to be filled, an… Continue reading Phantom.

Thank Folk: The Ressurgence Of Our Need For The Occult And Folklore.

When you think of folklore, what comes to mind? Maybe fairytales, maybe the folklore of the Celtic peoples, maybe old Norse. There’s a folklore or mythology for every historical culture and society you can think to name, but what about now? For a time it seemed like we had lost our need for the stories… Continue reading Thank Folk: The Ressurgence Of Our Need For The Occult And Folklore.